How to create a Set of Drawers

Create a vertical set of drawers 

In this example we have created a single width cabinet unit which we will turn into a vertical set of drawers. To do this:

1. Double click on the Cabinet Tool in the ARCHICAD Toolbox

2. Choose the Cadimage Cabinet from Linked Libraries> ARCHICAD Library 20

3. Set the Cabinet size as desired

4. Under Cabinet > Base Unit, edit the settings to ensure just one module is created

5. Set Module Width B and then click on Modules...

6. Set Upper Module to X None and Lower Module to Drawers and select the number of drawers you would like to set.

7. Click on Drawer Sizes to adjust the drawer heights. (Number 4 on screenshot above)


 3. Check the 'Equal Heights' option if you would like the height to be the same.


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