Ho to configure Cabinet Door Panels

To configure the door panels of your cabinet:

1. Open the Cadimage Cabinet settings dialogue

2. Go to Doors & Drawers from the menu:


3. Under the Door drop-down, you will see a button which will let you change the panel type (in the image above the Flat Panel option is selected).

4. Choose your desired panel type (Use the '...' button to access all settings)
Depending on which Panel Type you choose, you will see different parameters that will let you customise the panel. In the image below we have chosen the 'Frame 1 + Glass panel'.


TIP: If you choose a panel that has glazing, you will see an additional twirl-down item called 'Glazing Bars/Muntins' (shown above).

5. Select the Glazing Bars/Muntins twirl-down (if it is available to you):

6. Choose your preferred glazing style:


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