How to configure Cabinet Display Options

Once you have created a Cadimage Cabinet, you can modify its Display Options via the menu on the left side of the Settings Dialogue (see image below).

In this area you can modify:

  1. Resolution
  2. Shelf Outlines on Cabinet Surface
  3. Plan View Label



Here you can choose to set the Model Properties as:

and the Plan View Symbol as:

Both of these options allow you to control the performance of the model. High resolution cabinets look the best – but may be difficult for your computer to work with if you have a number of them. By decreasing the resolution you will improve the performance of the 3D Window as well as 3D generated views such as sections or elevations.

In a similar way, if you have large numbers of cabinets on plan, a ‘Projection’ will have slower performance than a symbol based view. This is because the projection needs to generate the 3D view in order to display the plan view symbol. The symbol on the other hand uses a script to show a symbolic view of the cabinet.

Shelf Outlines  

This setting controls whether you will see the shelf outlines on the surface of your cabinet:


You can either choose to have the Shelf Outlines on Model Surface 'On' or 'Off' and you can set the Dash Length.

TIP: As the Dash Length is drawn by the object and not placed as a ‘dashed line’, you may need to check your sections and interior elevations to make sure these are correct for the scale you are working with.

Plan View Label  

Here you can set a Plan View Label:

In this area you can add content for Full Label Text and Short Label Text, and whether the label rotates with the cabinet or not.

TIP: The Floor Plan display is controlled through Model View Options for Cadimage Cabinets. The data can also be used for scheduling purposes.


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