How to add Trims to the exterior of a Door

To add trims to the exterior of your door, go to the Exterior Trims area of your Settings dialogue.

You can see the following sub-menu items where you can modify specific parts of your design:

  • Head Moulding – refers to the trim across the top of the opening
  • Jamb Moulding – refers to the trims to either side of the opening
  • Exterior Trim – refers to the external trim around the entire opening
  • Sill – refers to the trim across the bottom of the opening


To Apply an exterior Trim

1. Select an existing door, or create a new door by clicking on the Door Tool in the Toolbox

2. Go to Exterior Trims. You can change the Head Moulding, Jamb Moulding, Exterior Trim and Sill types from this page: 


4. Click on ... to navigate to each page. This will give you access to more settings.


6. Of the three options available, choose 'Surface Mounted - Returned Ends'

TIP: Remember, you can click OK to exit the dialogue and place / update the door at any time. 

7. Click OK to close the dialogue

8. View the results in the 3D Window.

The example below has had the surfaces altered and rendered using the Cinerender Engine:


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