How to change the Origin and Orientation of Decking Boards

When you apply the Cadimage Coverings Decking to a slab, you'll notice that the decking is set out from the center of the Slab, and oriented parallel to its longest edge, just like this:


To change the orientation of the boards as well as the origin:

1. Go to your Plan view

2. Select the Decking

3. You will see a large arrow as shown below:

The arrow indicates the origin (item #1 above) and orientation (item #2 above) of the decking.

To move the Origin:

4. Click on the start of the arrow (item #1 in the image above)

5. Move the start of the arrow to your desired Origin point (here we will use the corner of the cut out):

6.  You should notice the boards update to show reflect the position of the new Origin point

To change the Orientation of the boards:

7. Click on the arrow head

8. Rotate the arrow to the angle you require
You will see the decking lines update, showing the new angle and positioning:

The updated render of the deck used in this example looks like this:


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