How to add a Roof Covering

In this article we show you how to apply a Covering to our standing seam roof, with the final result shown below:


1. Go to your Plan View

2. Select your Roof (or Roof components, as the Coverings Tool works with both single-plane and multi-plane Roof types)

3. Go to Cadimage > Coverings > Roof Coverings...


4. You should now see the Cadimage Roof Covering Settings dialogue box (shown below):

By clicking on the menu drop down, you will see all the available interface pages.

TIP: If the text fields in the dialogue appear to be greyed out and non-editable, this will be because a Preset is being used. To activate the settings and make them editable, click on Use Custom Setting button at the bottom left of the dialogue.

5. Click on the different options on the drop down menu to access the different pages:

You can start setting the Cladding type, framing options, board dimensions, gutter style, etc

8. Choose Attributes to change Surfaces:

10. You can now click OK to exit to apply the settings.



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