How to place a straight stair using the Polystair

The Cadimage Stairs Tool lets you draw stairs directly onto your ARCHICAD plan. This type of stair is called a 'Polystair'.

1. Double-click the Polystair Tool in the ARCHICAD Toolbox:

2. Choose the stair construction type (for this exercise we will choose the Solid Stair):

3. Under Preview and Positioning Panel you can choose the anchor point:

4. Go to Treads & Risers to set the Total Rise, Width etc.

7. Click OK to close the dialogue

8. Click on your plan to start drawing your stairs (see item #1 in the image below)

9. Click again to set the stair 'end-point' (see item #2 in the image below):

TIP: Continue clicking on your plan to add more sections to your stairs (see item #3 in the image above).


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