How to configure composite wall returns for Doors

Quick Start

Once a Door is placed in a composite wall, it is necessary to configure the returns in order to close the cavity. You can do this via the settings under Door > Wall Opening.


In this exercise, we will use a standard Cavity Wall construction (100mm brick, 100mm cavity including insulation, 100mm block and plaster finish) and we will return the inner two skins.

Note: For the skins to return, the Interior Reveal must be set to 0 as highlighted below:

1. Select your door (one which has already been placed in composite wall)

2. Go to Door > Display options> Wall Opening Symbol View twirl-down:

3. Leave the Exterior settings as they are

4. Modify the Interior settings to be as follows:

  • Wrap = 2
  • Extend to Opening = 12
  • Offset = this will depend on the wall structure the door is placed in. In this example, the -100 has been set automatically.

5. Click OK to save your settings and exit the dialogue

6. You will now notice four 'intelligent hotspots' on the edge of your window (diamond shaped magenta spots, rather than circular black ones):

7. Close the cavity by clicking on the hotspot [A] and dragging to point [B]:

NOTE: In other construction techniques, this cavity is left open and filled with a prefabricated closure – usually placed as a 2D Object.



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