How to add a Footing to a Column

You can add a round or rectangular footing your column using the Cadimage Coverings Tool. The result will look similar to the image below (depending on your settings):

To add a Footing to your column:

1. Go to your Plan View

2. Select your column

3. Go to Cadimage > Coverings > Column Coverings

4. Select the Cadimage Column Footing item:

5. You should now see the Cadimage Footing Settings area on the right side of the dialogue

6. Choose your Footing settings (either Rectangular or Round) as shown below:
In this example we have chosen the Round option.   

7. Apply the Footing size settings. 


8. Select the Attribute option on the menu drop-down to change the Surfaces and other attributes. in the Cadimage dialogue:

9. Click OK to apply the Column Footing

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