How to use the Split to create mitered corners

Another, more practical, example of when to use Objective's Split functionality is when working with structural elements such as Steel Beams or Joinery elements that need to be mitred.

In the example below, four steel beams have been placed but the intersections at A and B need to be mitred to match those at C and D.

The coloured image below shows the issue more clearly:


To create the correct mitred junction at Point A:

1. Select the two beams to be intersected

2. Choose Cadimage> Objective> Tools> Split

3. Click on the internal intersection of the two beams to define the start of the Split axis (Item #1 below)

4. Click on the external intersection of the two beams (or use the guidelines to define a 135° angle) to define the end of the Split axis (Item #2 below)

5. Click the side that you want to remain selected (Item #3 below)

NOTE: At this point we cannot simply delete the selected elements as the horizontal beams will be removed. Deselect everything then select only the two small ‘cut off’ segments of beam as shown below:

The result is shown below:



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