How to create an Offline Installation File

In some cases, you may want to install a set of tools on a computer that has no Internet connection, or you simply want to streamline the installation process to run on multiple computers.

You’ll need to start the process on a computer with an Internet connection first.

Stage 1: Create the offline file on an online computer

  1. On a computer with the tools you want already installed, start the Cadimage Installer
  2. Select the Create Offline Install File option
  3. Click Create File
  4. Choose a location and filename for the offline install package
  5. Select the ARCHICAD version you will be using with the Tools
  6. You will see a list of tools - go through the list and click ‘Add’ next to each tool that you want to include in the package (or choose the Add All button)
  7. Click the Save button on the top right corner of the installer
  8. Click the Quit button
  9. Download a copy of the Cadimage Installer and Work Environment from
  10. Copy the Installer, Work Environment and the Offline installation package file to the computer/s you want to use it on.

Stage 2: On the offline computer    

  1. Install the Cadimage Installer
  2. Install the Cadimage Work Environment
  3. Launch the Cadimage Installer
  4. When prompted, ensure ‘Install Cadimage Tools’ and ‘Offline’ are both selected
  5. Click the Open Install File button
  6. Locate the offline install file that you copied previously
  7. Choose the Tools you wish to install
  8. Once complete, Exit out of the Installer.
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