How to configure your Keynote Label

Labels are the method used to transfer Keynote information into project views (plans, sections, elevations etc) from the database.

Labels use the standard ARCHICAD Label Tool with the addition of a Cadimage Palette to control the Keynotes Label Configuration.

1. To view the default settings for a Label, double click on the Label Tool in the Toolbox:


1. This will open the Label Default Settings dialogue

2. Under the Type and Preview area you will see the Cadimage Keynote Label option (see below)

3. You will also see an area called 'Cadimage Keynote Label – Settings' (above)
TIP: If you cannot see this area you may not have Keynotes installed.

4. In the Content area you will see the options that define how your Keynote will look:

Here you can choose to display the following options (you can switch them on/off using the checkboxes shown above):

  • Content – this is custom text you can enter
  • Category – the category title for the group your keynote belongs to
  • Key – the unique reference used by your keynote
  • Title – the title / heading for your keynote
  • Description – the detailed description of specification of the item you are listing
  • Specification Reference – this can refer to an external systems reference different from your key 

Example: A Keynote that has been independently placed, referring to an internal wall:

In the image above you can see that only the Key is appearing on the Keynote.

By returning to the Settings area shown in Step 4, and ticking the Category and Title checkboxes, we can turn on those areas of content as can be seen below:


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