Schedule Doors + Windows

In this tutorial we are going to look at how to create a simple Door and Window schedule.

1. Open an ARCHICAD project, and place some doors and windows into some walls.

2. From the Cadimage menu, choose Doors+Windows > Schedule Manager...

3. At the top, right of the dialog, click the New button. A new schedule will appear at the top of the list.

4. Enter a name for the new schedule.

5. Under criteria you can determine which doors and windows are to be listed in the schedule. 

6. The next section of the dialog deals with how the scheduled items are presented on the layout. Choose a Master Layout Page Size and set the Scale, the page Margins and the Gap Between Items.

7. Expand the Dimensions settings to define which dimension strings to show on the doors and windows, and set the spacing between dimension strings.

8. The Dimension Settings... button opens the Dimensions Default Settings dialog so you can set the dimension style.

9. Expand the Labels settings to choose how the elevated doors and windows should appear on schedule. In this case we'll leave the settings as default.

10. Finally click the OK button. 

ArchiCAD will generate a Worksheet with the name you set in the first step. You can access it from the Project Map, under Worksheet.

11. Open the Schedule. All the doors and windows in your project will be listed and dimensioned.


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