How to use Schedule Notes in ARCHICAD 20

Method 1


In this case if you want to keep a simple set of notes for joinery without a category, you can just open the Note palette in the location

Cadimage>Doors and windows>Schedule Notes Palette



This is the palette



Select the Doors or Windows in plan, one at a time and type under the Custom Notes field the description.

In this case you have to be aware the selection only applies to one element, so this method is only recommended for general description of individual elements. It’s not possible to apply the note to multiple selections, in that case we would use Method 2.


Once you finish adding your notes to the selection create door and window schedule

Cadimage>Door and windows> Schedule Manager


After setting up your schedule settings, make sure to activate the Additional Notes  and Include Categories option.



The notes will appear like this



The schedule notes are editable in the Schedule Worksheet as well. If you select the door/window item, and if the Live Edit option is checked, you can edit those notes here as well


However, you have to make sure to click the Send the Object Notes to the Model Joinery button, this way the notes changed in the worksheet will be pushed to the actual door/window element in your BIM model, this way if the schedule is updated, the notes will remain as changed, but if you don’t click the button after editing the notes, if the schedule is updated, the edits will be lost.



Method 2

Create a Notes database

Open the Door and Window Schedule Notes palette



Click to open the Schedule Notes Manager



Start creating your Categories, type in the bottom field to give a name to the new Category


Create a new note and add a description.

Add a few notes to the Category


Create a new Category


If you want to add more notes to other categories, just click in the category you want to add the new note and then click the New Note button



So we finish  a list of notes and categories like this:


If you have to move a note to another category just click and hold, drag and drop the note


Click OK to close the palette or you can even create Sets.

Sets of notes can be very practical if you know you will be adding specific notes to specific joinery elements, so you don’t have to assign one note at a time.

So click the New set button, enter the name of the set and select one note at a time from the list of the left side and click Insert.



Once you finished creating your notes click OK


Now you can add your notes in plan by having the Live Edit button, selecting the joinery item and double click the note you want to add.

You can also add the notes to the selection in the schedule worksheet, the example below, the Notes Sets will show at the top of the list and you just have to double click the Set to add all the notes that belong to the set to the selection.

In this case you see the notes are added to the schedule item automatically when you double click the Set but it’s important to remember to click after that the Send Notes to Model button