Work Environment Setup

Once Cadimage Doors + Windows is installed successfully it will do most of the setup for you. However you should carry out the following steps to complete the process.

1. Check the Cadimage Menu

To ensure that the install has worked, check that the tool appears in the Cadimage pull-down menu.

Check the Cadimage Menu ...

You'll see a new Doors+Windows sub-menu in the Cadimage menu. This sub-menu contains items for scheduling as illustrated below, plus a help link which directs you back to the Knowledge Base where you can get detailed information on all of the functions and features of Cadimage Doors + Windows.

If this sub-menu does not appear it could for one of two reasons:

  • The installation may not have been sucessful.
  • You may be running a custom Work Environment

If you are not running a custom Work Environment, but still can not see the menu items, please consult theTroubleshooting Guide to check whether or not the tool has been installed by completing the 3 simple tests.

If you are running a custom Work Environment you can add the menu items as described below:

Add Menu items ...

If some commands don't appear as illustrated above, use the Work Environment to add them to the menu:

From the Options menu, choose Work Environment > Menus ... to open the Work Environment dialog.

Choose to list All commands by theme, then scroll down to 17 Add-Ons.

You'll see the Cadimage Doors + Windows tool listed here in the list of Add-Ons. Open it's folder so you can see the individual commands, and on the right double-click on the Cadimage menu to show the current contents.

If necessary, add a new sub-menu to the Cadimage menu.

Select all the missing commands and click on the Add selected button to add them to the Cadimage menu.

2. Model View Options

Set up the Model View Options for project views.

Cadimage Doors+Windows does not install its own Model View Options palette, but it does use the settings of Standard ArchiCAD ones. Use the extra settings to control how Doors and Windows should appear in plan view and 3D.

You can set different swing styles, turn the Markers on or off and turn the handles on and off.

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