Using Cadimage Doors+Windows, you can easily model doors and windows in ARCHICAD, plus you can create detailed schedules that identify all the doors and windows in your project.

The tool consists of one standard window type and two standard door types (regular door and garage door), all of which can be configured to suit your needs. Both are visible in the standard ARCHICAD Door or Window tool palette.

You’ll find that the Cadimage Doors+Windows Tool has been designed to give you greater freedom in the configuration of doors and windows with a wide variety of panels, opening types, trims and sills.

Below we’ve created a single ‘window’ unit containing a (double) door, top hung window, fixed panel window, tilt-turn window and even some louvres. In addition, trims have been added to the opening as well as sills and a header detail.



As well as having the design aspect of the Tool, there is also a built in scheduling feature allowing Cadimage Doors+Windows and any other Doors and Windows to be listed graphically showing dimensions and notes based on the schedule criteria.

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