Migrating to ARCHICAD 19

When you open an ARCHICAD 18 (or earlier) project, we recommend you import your legacy Presets before updating any schedules. Here’s how to complete the migration process:

  1. Open the project in your ‘old’ version of ARCHICAD
  2. Export your presets
  3. Make a back-up copy of your project
  4. Open the backed-up copy of your project in ARCHICAD 19
  5. Open the Schedule Notes dialogue (Cadimage > Doors and Windows > Schedule Notes)
  6. Click the Import button
  7. Select ‘Legacy Preset File’ from the file type list
  8. Locate the presets you exported from your ‘old’ version of ARCHICAD
  9. Click Open:
  1. Back in the Doors+Windows Schedule Notes dialogue, you can:
    • Add a New note
    • Delete a selected note
    • Import and Export notes so as to share notes between projects
    • Edit a selected note by changing its Category or Content

You will see a dialogue letting you know if your import was successful: 


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