Creating Multiple Page Keynote Schedules

Starting with Keynotes version 5.20 in ARCHICAD 19, you can have your Keynotes Schedules span across Multiple Pages/Layouts.

To do this, open the Layout that you want the Schedule to begin on, and then go to the Cadimage menu > Keynotes > Create Schedule… as normal.

In the Create Keynotes Schedule dialog, choose to Include either All Keynotes, Only Keynotes used in the Project, or Only Keynotes visible in any Layout. When you do so, the checkbox above and to the right will become available:

Check the Fit Schedule to Layout box to turn on the Multi-Layout schedule spanning feature.

If your Layouts have a title block or other content that you need to allow room for, click the Margins button, set the offset/s you require, and click OK.

The rest of the setting in Create Keynote Schedule are the same as usual, so make any changes you require to the way the schedule settings are applied, and then click OK to create the Schedule.

The Keynotes tool will now begin calculating how much of your keynotes it can put onto each layout. This is a fairly complex task so, depending on how many notes you are scheduling, this can take anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute or 2 to complete.

Once it's done, you should see the first chunk of the schedule on the current layout, and a series of new layouts below this one in the navigator which contain the rest of the schedule.

These behave and can be edited in the same way as a normal schedule. The only differences are:

  • If you update the schedule, you will have to wait for it to recalculate the sizes again, so updating schedule/s will take a bit longer
  • And now that you have a multi-layout schedule on them, if you delete any of the layouts that were automatically generated, updating the schedule will re-create them
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