Door Leaves

Both the Cadimage Door and Cadimage Window can include opening doors. Options for door leaf style are outlined in this article.

Note that the Cadimage Door has more options than the Cadimage Window for door leaf style. For instance, the Cadimage Door has an option to set the leaf style independently for either side of a 2-leaf door.

This article deals with the Cadimage Door settings. The settings for Cadimage Window are the same or simpler.

To define the door leaf style, go to the Door Leaf page.

This page includes sub-pages - Door Leaf Panels and Door Leaf Glazing Bars. Together this group of pages provides controls to:

  • Select a door leaf style.
  • Set attributes (surface and pens).
  • Adjust the dimension of the rails and panels.
  • Choose infill panel type.
  • Apply a glazing bar (i.e. muntin) pattern to glazed panels within the door leaf.

Note that some controls for the door leaf are located elsewhere:

  • Leaf width and height are set on the Door Type page.
  • Door furniture (handles and kick plates) can be added on the Hardware pages.
  • Plan view symbol options are set on the Display Options pages.

Available Settings

Settings on the Door Leaf page include:

  1. A selection of door leaf styles to choose from. Panels within the doors may be either fixed glass, or a panel type of your selection. The light blue rectangles indicate a glass panel, the mid-blue rectangles indicate a selected infill panel. Note that these styles may be further adjusted on the Door Leaf Panels and Door Leaf Glazing Bars pages (see Door Leaf Style below). The '...' button will take you to the Door Leaf Panels page.
  2. For the Cadimage Door, you can choose a different style for either side of a 2-leaf door (see Different Left and Right below).
  3. Set surface and view pen attributes for the door leaf (see Door Leaf Surfaces below). To edit a comprehensive list of all attributes for the door, click on the All Attributes... button.

Settings on the Door Leaf Panels page include:

  1. A selection of basic door leaf styles.
  2. A field to set the leaf thickness.
  3. A selection of infill panel types.
  4. Fields to set the dimension of rail widths and heights.

Settings on the Door Leaf Glazing Bars page include:

  1. A selection of glazing bar patterns, and dimensions for the glazing bars.
  2. Attribute (surface and pen) settings for the glazing bars.

Door Leaf Style

The first step in defining the door leaf style, is to select a basic style from the menu. You can do this on the Door Leaf page. However, if you click on the '...' button, you can choose the preferred infill panels, and set the leaf thickness and rail dimensions too.

For example, to define a simple door leaf that includes a glazed security panel, you would:

  1. Select basic Leaf Type as 1-A.
  2. Choose the Panel Insert to be Glass.
  3. Set the hinged stile width A to push the glass panel across to the handle side of the door.
  4. Set the bottom rail width D to push the glass panel up to the height of the glazed panel.

Different Left and Right

For the Cadimage Door, it's possible to choose a different door leaf for left and right hung doors in a double door. Set the Different Left and Right checkbox to On to do this.

The dialog will change:

  • Extra pages will appear in the menu to allow individual editing of the two door leaf styles.
  • A second selection field will appear to allow selection of a different basic leaf type for left and right door leaves.

If both door leaves should be the same, set the the Different Left and Right checkbox to Off, and edit the settings for both door leaves simultaneously.

Door Leaf Surfaces

Door leaves may be set to have a uniform surface (set Uniform Door Leaf Surfaces to On), or else individual surfaces may be selected for the interior and exterior of the door leaf, and for the rails, panels and beading.

A surface for glazing bars (i.e. muntins) can be set on the Door Leaf Glazing Bars page. However, you can not set separate interior and exterior surfaces for glazing bars.


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