How to Split an Object using Objective

When using the Split command in Objective, you need to remember:

  • Splitting can only be applied to an Object placed in the model
  • Splitting can be done in Plan; Elevation or Section views.

In the article below, we demonstrate how to split an Object using the ARCHICAD Designer Chair 09 Object.

Splitting an Object in Plan View

To do this:

1. Select the Object you wish to Split

2. From the ARCHICAD menu, choose Cadimage Tools > Objective > Tools > Split

3. Click a point to define the start point of the Split axis (Item 1 in the image below)

4. Click a second point to define the end point of the Split axis (Item 2 in the image below)

5. Click on one side of the resulting axis to select the side so that you can delete or move it if desired (Item 3 in the image below):


Splitting an Object in Section/Elevation View

Splitting an Object in Section or Elevation view is much the same as splitting in Plan view.

  1. Click a point to define the start of the Split axis
  2. Click a second point to define the end of the Split axis
  3. Click the side to remain selected

This operation can be repeated as often as required to complete the final Object.


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