How to Add Edges to a slab

The Objective Tool allows you to add special edges to Slabs created within ARCHICAD. 

To use the tool:

1. Select the Slab Edge tool from your ARCHICAD Toolbox:
TIP: The location of the tool may vary from the image below, depending on your Toolbox settings.

2. Configure the Edge Type you require

3. Move your mouse over the edge of a Slab - your cursor should change as shown below:


4. Click anywhere on this edge whilst the new cursor is displayed - this will apply your new Slab Edge to that edge only.

Alternatively, to apply your edge to the perimeter of your Slab

1. Hover your mouse over a corner point of the Slab

2. You should see an ARCHICAD tick icon:

3.   Click on the corner point while the Tick icon is visible to apply the Slab Edge to the perimeter of the Slab.

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