How to Rotate an object using Objective

To use the Rotate functionality within Objective, you need:

  • An Object or Lamp in ARCHICAD
  • To be in Elevation, Plan or Section view.

To Rotate an Object in Plan view

1. Select the Object/s you wish to Rotate

2. Go to Cadimage> Objective > Tools > Rotate

3. Then:

  • Click on the first point of the Rotation Axis (Item #1 in the image below)
  • Click on the second point of the Rotation Axis (Item #2 in the image below)
  • Click to set the Rotation Angle (or enter the angle in the Tracker)  

Below you can see the Rotation preview between the second and third click (the red line is the Rotation axis):


As you can see, the Angle field is highlighted in bold so you can simply type a new angle to set the Rotation precisely.

The following screenshot shows four views of the same chair before and after the Rotation has been completed:

To Rotate an Object in Section or Elevation view

1. Click to define the rotation point

2. Click to define the reference angle

3. The third click can be anywhere to freehand position the Object, or maybe on other geometry to align elements:


NOTE: When you Rotate an Object or Lamp, a new version is created in the Embedded Library with the additional parameters required for the Objective transformation. The name will be the original Object or Lamp name with a ‘+’ tagged to the end.

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