How to create a Garage Door

Garage Doors have a slightly different workflow to regular Cadimage Doors and Windows. Due to the complexity of Garage Doors, we normally work in Detailed Design mode rather than Sketch. As such, when you first click on a Cadimage Garage Door, you will automatically be presented with the Detailed Design options.

In this exercise we show you how to create a simple Roller Door. To do this:

1. Double click on the Door Tool in the Toolbox

2. Navigate to Linked Libraries> Cadimage Library 20 and choose Cadimage Garage Door:


3. Go to the Preview and Positioning panel to modify the size and position of the door

4. Set the following parameters:

  • Width: 3000
  • Height: 2400
  • Sill height: 0

TIP: The Anchor reference and Reveal of the window can also be controlled in this panel.

5. Go to the Shape option shown below:

6. Click the drop-down button highlighted above

7. Choose the 'Roller' type:

TIP: You will see that you can also control the Roll Height above Door Head and the Roll Diameter from this dialogue box.

8. Click OK to exit the dialogue

9. Click to place the Garage Door in a Wall.

 Once you insert the Door you should see the following in Plan View:




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